"That skyline — the apotheosis of New York’s grace and swagger, creativity and hard labor— is lovelier to me than the most serene sunset or snowcapped mountain range." -Maureen Corrigan
Sometimes life is blurry but there are still beautiful things to appreciate.

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"When I first met her, she was dating another guy. He didn’t like me talking to her, so he waited for me outside of class one day and beat me up. But I didn’t give up on her. I started biking and swimming and learning to box. I got skinnier than you are. Then the next time I saw him, he came over to me and said: ‘You want another round?’ And I said: ‘This will be the last round!’ Then I knocked him out in two punches."
(Mexico City, Mexico)

True love is one to fight for.
I’m a little moon obsessed.
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